Lyrics – “Foolosophy”

From the self-titled album by Dave Adkins
Songwriters: Larry Cordle and Chris Stapleton

Well I been spending all my nights searching for some truths
In a barroom with a bottle
Crying and trying to prove
That a man can find some piece of mind

When a woman he loves leaves

That’s my lonesome hearted foolosophy


Well I know if I keep drinking
That somehow I won’t hurt
And it won’t take forever
To get me over her
Now someday soon she’s coming back
That’s just what I believe
That’s my lonesome hearted foolosophy

I bet a hundred years from now
My research it will show
That a jukebox, smoke, and whiskey
Will heal a broken soul
No doubt I’ll be remembered as hillbilly Socrates
With my lonesome hearted foolosophy