LYRICS – Turn and Burn – Single 
From the album Dave Adkins on Mountain Fever Records 
Songwriters:  Dave Adkins, Dawn Kenney, David Morris 


I wake up in the morning 
before the rooster crows 
grab my cup of coffee 
and it’s down the road I go 

the more I try to catch up 
the more I fall behind 

Wouldn’t wish this life on no one 
but I thank God it’s mine 


My office has a gear shift 
And a seat with a view 
if you’re headed down the interstate 
I might be next to you 

Its hammer down on the big slab 
Law Dawg’s my main concern 
that’s how it is in this trucker’s cab 
Just another turn and burn 


The dj’s on the radio 
are some of my best friends 
I can tell by the songs they play 
what town I’m rolling in 

Beantown or the Windy City 
its all the same to me 
on this endless highway 
my big rig sets me free